Leslie: Group founder & leader for many years                      Eileen: Full-trance medium & channel for Salumet

Transcript of teachings: 1994-2007-first 14 years (10mb-PDF) Can be downloaded and read on variety of devices--or perform Keyword Searches

NEW! - 2008-2015 Salumet transcripts part 2 (PDF)

Short audio clips:-08/05/05 'The power of Thought' 09/01/26'...the umbrella of fear...deep spiritual love...'  94/10/10-Space travellers/source of knowledge/fall of man-98/07/27'...Your World is changing...08/02/25 '...2012...'    2010/03/29 Planet X - Nibiru-94/11/14-crop circle energy/proof02/02/04-White Eagle-Silver Birch-Great White Brotherhood & The Native American-03/08/18-On helping to free the spirit 

The aim of this website is to present the work of our group, which has been doing spiritual work for many years and carefully recording and transcribing each session, in the hope that some of the incredible /wonderful/magical information can be freely shared. We hope this will bring greater spiritual understanding to the Earth at this time of substantial change. Many great ones have gathered and some amazing connections have been made. The one known to us as Salumet, comes from 'deeper spirit' and brings  awareness and teaching from Angelic Realms.  The purity of love which Salumet always has, rekindles our spirits and shines light on our pathways onwards.

Other visitors to our circle have come through with specific lessons in support of these teachings, including some from our Earthly history, such as Emma Hardinge-Britten, Mary Stuart and Catherine the Great. Others have not walked this Earthplane, but have come to explain their work in spirit, such as one known to us as the 'Light Escort,' who helps to bridge the gap between this world and the next. Then there is Bonniol, a dear friend from a distant planet, who communicates through a process known as 'Mind Projection', or more aptly described as 'mind-link'. And in the early years you will find such Amerindian names as 'Moon Feather', 'White Horse' and 'Nahashiwah'; also beautifully spoken ones from holy orders such as 'Sister Anna'. As you will see, there is a wealth of information and hopefully we will be able to present it clearly and easily here.

You may find some of the information presented challenges your beliefs. We are certainly challenged at times by it all.  We only ask that you strive to be of open mind, as you embark on this journey of spiritual unfoldment...


 The Kingsclere Group - most of the past and present members


From top left: Leslie, Eileen, Lilian, Sarah, George, Ann, Jan, Richard, Mark, Paul, Sara, Graham, Serena, Rod, Daphne, Sue, Jim, Emily & Natalie